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Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Alcoholics and Drug Abusers become addicted usually to fill a void in their lives. Sometimes, people start drinking, doing drugs, and smoking, because they are bored. One problem with this type of abuse is that usually those things we begin using early in life are the hardest things to give up, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol. The reason behind this theory is that when the habit begins early in life, it becomes a way of life making it more difficult to live without. Those personalities who depend on certain substances, use these substances as a crutch to rid themselves of painful memories either in their past or in their present lives. They are not really happy with themselves and lead a self-destructive life, usually not intending to interfer with the lives of those around them, however, many drugs are mind altering and the abusers are not aware of what they are doing while under the influence. They are basically suicidal, knowing that eventually the substance will kill them...but the addictive quality of the substance and their physical need for the substance changes their minds every time the person tries to stop using, due to the physical dependency and habitual use of such.

Statistics show that the majority of crimes are committed by people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Although it is actually a form of mental illness, it is considered a physical disease.

Those who use, experience unexplainable emotional upheaval: crying in your beer, giddiness, mellowing down, introversion, extroversion, outspoken and nervy, and then there are those who become hostile and violent and who become hateful.

It's been said that abuse at the hands of an alcoholic or drug user is an action carried out in fantasy. In other words, it's something the person suppresses when he's straight, but gets the nerve to do when he's in a drunken state. These are generally unhappy people, and no form of reasoning will qwell their lust for violence. It must not be tolerated and if you live with one of these forms of abusers, or are one, you must seek help by therapy unless you are one of the rare ones who can quit "cold turkey."

It is with sadness that we watch our loved ones killing themselves with these addictions. The only way to overcome them is to start living a healthier lifestyle and to change routines. Joining a gym, dieting, walking or jogging, drinking plenty of water when the urge to use strikes. Eat more fruit and vegetables, and stay out of bars and/or hanging with those friends who use and which you will be unable to resist if you are in their company.

We may love the lifestyle we are leading, but if it is inclusive of any of the above mentioned addictions, that life style has been abused and it's going to have to change.

Beating up your wife and/or children and/or pets, is not acceptable. It is a low form of life. It is sloppy, degrading, and undignified. In order to get respect, you must show respect to those around you. Who do you think you are to raise a hand, striking anyone? The thought of a drunk picking a fight with someone in a bar is bad enough, but to think of that person going home and beating his wife, children, and pet(s), is horrifying. It will scar them for life, and make them resentful and hateful of you...because they will always remember what you did to them, and one day you will be sorry, believe me...Just stop now before you lose everything, including your job, your money, your house, and more importantly the love your family has for you...

To be continued...

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