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Abuse comes in many forms - You Can Get Help, more importantly, you can help yourself, whether you are abused or doing the abusing.

Why do some people pick on others who are smaller than they are? Why do they find it necessary to be violent? What is the concept behind abuse? Is there a thought in mind when abusers are beating on their victims? Does this justify abuse in their minds? Do the abusers think they are actually doing something positive for the person they are debasing, or, does it simply make them feel like a better person because they can beat someone up so badly that they beat them into the ground? Is it being taught a lesson to be beat up? If the shoe was on the other foot, would the abusee thank their abuser for teaching them a lesson? Were the abusers actually abused when they were little? Two wrongs don't make a right. If this is the case, the abuser would then be classified as a person who needs help; someone who is not in control of themselves; someone who loses their temper, and flies out of control, and who is a threat to the civilized world. They should be behind bars! Whether the abuser was abused themselves, this is exactly the case. They need help.

No one, No one, has the right to lay a hand on another person, not even parents, and especially not teachers. I'm familiar with the old school practice of spanking children to make them behave. Normal parents, with normal mindsets, perhaps achieved setting their children straight with a paddling, however, in todays world, there are too many neurotic people walking around, who lose their tempers and take out their frustrations on their children, or anyone else who happens to get in their way.

You have to be a sicko to even think about hurting a little child, what's more, you have to be a pretty selfish person, to beat a child who adores you.

I am dedicating this Web page to all those people who are or who have been abused in one way or another, and I will try to address the many types of abuse, in order to let each and every one of us recognize the abuser from the eyes of the person who is being abused. Click on the links below to read further.

Once upon a time,
There was a little child.
He loved his parents dearly,
They were everything in his eyes...

His parents weren't happy,
They abused that child so,
They broke his spirit and his heart,
He loved them still although...

They nagged and yelled and beat him too,
Making his soul all black and blue...
He was a good kid, no need for abuse
It worked for their parents, that was their excuse...

By eleven the boy was so distraught
No homelife, no friends, no will to live.
In order to escape he took his life,
There was just no more he could give...

He went to Heaven, and St. Peter said,
"You've broken the rules, and committed sin.
The boy told his story, crying torrents of rain...
He loved them still, "please let me in..."

St. Peter opened the gates, and said,
These mortals are selfish,
Their choices win.
They are corrupt and filled with sin.

They want their way,
No matter the cost,
And say it's okay
Because it's the law.

The children, they suffer, the innocent die.
God gave parents children to tend from His flock...
How wicked they are to pretend to be good,
Yet bloody and torture
Simply because they could?

What monsters to subject their children to this;
To hurt them, and scar them forever within?
Can't they see what they're doing?
Making the ones who love them, hate them!

They think that they're hiding
This evil they do
If they hurt their own babies,
What else might they do?

One day they will face God,
Their judgement will be;
For everytime you hurt my little ones,
You did this to Me...

So parents live up to this name meaning love
God gave you this gift to treasure and hold
You need only help them to grow up to be
Those you should cherish and call family...

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