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Verbal abuse in the home, is a catalyst for all sorts of negativity. When a parent constantly downs a child, that child learns to condemn. If a parent or parents are always angry with the child, that child learns to fight. If a child is bullied in the home by his or her own parents, the child will become inhibited and hindered, to the point of desperation. I often wonder if the school shootings were done by children whose parents were very confrontational with their child, and then when the child went to school, they were bullied and/or picked on by the other students. Chances are if the child had at least one good friend in school, this sort of thing would never happen. These children who are so angered as to want to kill the people at school are acting in desperation. Most likely they are suicidal because they don't fit in ANYWHERE, (not even home), and they can't please anyone.

A rule of thumb for parents is to not be angry with your child, when you are angry about something else. If you are having a bad day, or you are too tired to cook dinner or help the child with homework, or if you think the child is hindering your lifestyle, then get a grip and address your problem in some other way. Obviously everyone needs to vent, but don't vent on your child. The child who is being verbally abused, or worse, at home, will act out those horrors in school.

VERBAL ABUSE can come in the form of Tweets, Facebook messages and posts, and any other publication or social media as well. Verbal abuse is a form of slander, when it's spoken to others behind the person's back. It is a form or harrassment when done directly to the person. Whatever drives you to verbally abuse others, you need to think of the person first, then think of what others will think of you. If your friends will think you are a cooler person for having verbally abused someone, then maybe you should find a different class of friends.

Verbal abuse can come from Presidential candidates who are retaliating for verbal abuse that was done to them. The problem is that once the cycle has begun, you have opened the door to a constant barrage of incoming. The only way to stop it is to ignore it, don't go on social media, and don't be tempted by anyone to see what new thing they've said about you.

Even the news media uses verbal abuse in the form of slander. When the news media constantly picks on your bad points and hides from view anything good you've done, it's a fair assumption that they are trying to destroy you. Withholding the truth is also a lie. Unsuspecting people believe these things which are said to either change your voting preference, or any number of reasons. It is propaganda, which are lies to hide the truth. We all have our own preferences: racial, political, moral, etc. It is not racism. The USA is a melting pot, no disputing that. I do understand that there are those who didn't actually want to leave their country. They fled for their lives, and instead of seeking assylum the right way, they just settled in with no one in the country knowing they were there. These are the illegal aliens. These people may or may not even like the USA. They want to keep their own language and culture in their own family. However, it is necessary to do everything legally. You must become citizens, and you must learn English. This way you won't have to fear deportation.

Once upon a time,
There was a little child.
He loved his parents dearly,
They were everything in his eyes...

His parents weren't happy,
They abused that child so,
They broke his spirit and his heart,
He loved them still although...

They nagged and yelled and beat him too,
Making his soul all black and blue...
He was a good kid, no need for abuse
It worked for their parents, that was their excuse...

By eleven the boy was so distraught
No homelife, no friends, no will to live.
In order to escape he took his life,
There was just no more he could give...

He went to Heaven, and St. Peter said,
"You've broken the rules, and committed sin.
The boy told his story, crying torrents of rain...
He loved them still, "please let me in..."

St. Peter opened the gates, and said,
These mortals are selfish,
Their choices win.
They are corrupt and filled with sin.

They want their way,
No matter the cost,
And say it's okay
Because it's the law.

The children, they suffer, the innocent die.
God gave parents children to tend from His flock...
How wicked they are to pretend to be good,
Yet bloody and torture
Simply because they could?

What monsters to subject their children to this;
To hurt them, and scar them forever within?
Can't they see what they're doing?
Making the ones who love them, hate them!

They think that they're hiding
This evil they do
If they hurt their own babies,
What else might they do?

One day they will face God,
Their judgement will be;
For everytime you hurt my little ones,
You did this to Me...

So parents live up to this name meaning love
God gave you this gift to treasure and hold
You need only help them to grow up to be
Those you should cherish and call family...

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