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( The complete text of the urgent Prayer of Fatima as given by Our Lady to Fr Alexander McKenna S.J. and another priest at the Chapel of Apparitions in Fatima, Portugal on Sunday May 16th 1999 that can turn aside the wrath of God for those who say it everyday between now and the end of this year 1999)

O Conqueror of Death save us
I hail Thee, I adore Thee, I embrace Thee
As the one, the true Creator of all things.
Protect us and keep us safe in the time of tribulation ahead.

Calm my fears,
Let me feel Thy nearness and the comfort of Thy Spirit
Turn aside Your wrath and spare the people of the earth
And let this age be not the end of all the ages
I will do all in my power to spread the message that
Thy will must be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Save us poor sinners,
so our hearts need not fear the approaching terror
Spare the Earth and spare Thy humble servants who love You
Spare the Earth and spare Thy humble servants who love You
Spare the Earth and spare Thy humble servants who love You


According to official sources in Fatima, the Vatican is currently
investigating the claim of Fr McKenna and the other priest that
the Virgin Mary appeared to them on May 16th 1999 at the
Cove de Iria in Fatima,
the place where she appeared to the three shepherd children on May 13th 1917,
and gave them the third Secret of Fatima which was kept secret
by the Popes for very many years.
Our Lady gave the two priests a very serious message and the urgent Prayer of Fatima above.

She made it clear that:

1. We are now living in the end times;

2. That most of the population of the earth will be
destroyed in a nuclear and environmental holocaust
unless they reject atheism, sin, war and hatred;

3. That Satan will infiltrate into the highest levels of
the Church, including the Throne of Peter;

4. That the war to end all wars will be a conflict so
terrible that fire will fall from the sky,
great rivers will turn to streams, cities
will be leveled, hundreds of millions will die and
those that still live will cry out in envy of the dead.
She said that all this will come to pass before
the bells ring in the New Millennium of New Years Eve 2000.
She told them that this is what was known as the
Third Secret of Fatima. But it is no longer a secret as it has already
been revealed at Akita in Japan.

Copies of the Third Secret of Fatima had already been sent
by Pope Paul VI to President Kennedy of America,
Prime Minister Macmillan of Great Britain,
and the Soviet Premier, Nikita Kruschev on the eve
of their summit meeting in Moscow on nuclear
arms control in 1963. Mary said that the
signed agreement of August 6th 1963, which
abolished nuclear testing was a direct result of the three world
leaders reading their copies of the Third Secret of Fatima.
The Vatican has never denied this claim.

Mary told Fr. McKenna and his companion that unless mankind
changes its ways and welcomes the Second Coming of Christ
with open arms and purity of soul there will
be no escape for us. She said the good will die
with the wicked, the great with the
lowly, the princes of the Church with the faithful,
the rulers of the nations with their people.
The Virgin said, the world will burn with fire.
Woe and greater woe to mankind if it does not change its ways,
for I cannot hold back my Sons avenging hand any longer.

The Virgin Mary made it clear to the two priests that
this will come to pass, not in 100 years,
or 10 years of even in 12 months.
It can happen tomorrow, or the next day,
but certainly before the bells ring
in the New Millennium. Soon, if we do not change,
Satan and his disciples will be Masters of the Earth.

But there is a ray of hope. Mother Mary gave the 2 priests
the special prayer she called
The Prayer of Fatima that can help turn aside Gods wrath for those
who say it every day between now and the ringing in of
the New Millennium in a few months time.
The Virgin said that this prayer is our only hope for
survival if enough of us recite it every day.
It is up to us now.

(Read the Book of Revelation chapters 8 & 13. Mary referred particularly to these).

Life here on this orb of water and dirt isn't always easy.
Every day we face chaos in some way.
Our mental attitude toward life can benefit us,
to help us live with equanimity in the face
of outrageous fortune,
and the constant slings and arrows
being cast at us in everyday life.
As human beings we are subject to err.
We can only aspire to be like Jesus Christ.
We will never be truly like Him because
He was the only perfect human being,
while we have human failings, weaknesses, and needs,
contrary to the needs of our immortal souls,
and ultimately contrary to the betterment of all mankind.
We dwell on the past, and tend to judge,
even though we are not judges.
We have but one judge.
We dwell on negative things that cause our souls
to become stained with evil, an evil that permeates our being,
and produces a form of negative energy that posterizes the Earth,
and spreads it's filth upon the populace
with unbounding rigor.
It is contageous, this evil.
It grows and grows and dampens the spirits
of even the truly blessed,
because it is deceit,
and it is disappointing that hate has grown
from it's roots.

Chivalry is dead...
destroyed perhaps by our unrelenting quest for equality.
The constitution of the United States states that "all men are created equal",
and so they are...
but what the end result is, is something quite different...
The constitution should add,
"all men are created equal,
but have destroyed themselves
in the process of living on Earth"...

Use your talents wisely...

I sound a little down,
but it's just that I've lost some faith in mankind.
People with the loudest voices are
the very ones who are the villains of this world.
They maim, and ridicule the wholesome.
They spit fire at all in an attempt to usher in
their unfailing need for mass attention,
and when achieved,
they sneer at their fans with disdain.

We, americans are the lucky ones.
We live in the greatest country on the face of the Earth.
We are blessed with a freedom,
which we take for granted. You'd think, we'd get down on our knees every day and thank God for all He's given us...
God, please bless America...
Who do we look up to in these times of trouble?
There is but one God,
the Father the Almighty, Who created us,
and Who loves us,
and Who is more than willing to nurture us.
Have we no shred of decency left?
We have devoured the Godsend
in an attempt to motivate our urges,
which incidentally are overrated.
We are merely grains of sand on the beach.
No one greater than the other,
and merely trying to exist in this black hole
in the Universe.

A lesson to be learned here, is one with God.
Try to imagine how it is in Heaven;
How you would act,
how you would feel,
how you would be...
How wonderful it would feel to be so loved by God,
and in His constant grace and protection.
Nothing can harm you.
There is absolutely nothing to fear.
All is behind you, and all is for God.
Being truly happy is an enigma,
but it's there in Heaven.
Can you imagine being truly happy,
without motivations of any sort,
or any aspirations,
other than loving God?
First try to feel how it would be in Heaven...
then try to live your life
as if you're already there...
Let's take arms against this sea of troubles.

Pray, and Godspeed everyone...

I love you...

I wrote this poem in April of 1971. I think it sometimes still applies.

The world as we know it, is going to end soon,
And soon I pray it must,
When wars are being sought after,
And love has turned into lust...

By and by, one man will be,
A Saint to all mankind.
His genuine interest is for the world.
Ah! But these men are hard to find...

Too many geniuses have not enough sense.
Too many wars have not enough men.
Too much hate and not enough love.
Too many people say they can't, when they can...

It's not the establishment that's erroneous.
The system and all is suited fine.
It's people's own selfishness that's wrong.
But selfishness is characteristically inclined...

Then "we" contradict one of the things that we hate.
So maybe "we" should try to improve.
Then maybe no one would be able to lash their tongues.
And no one in the end could lose...

Copyright 1971/1999 G.O. Perri

All rights reserved

For those of you who like the song,
the lyrics are below:

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

by Orzabal/Stanley/Hughes

Tears for Fears

Welcome to your life
There's no turning back
Even while you sleep
Acting on your best behaviour
Turn your back on mother nature
Everybody wants to rule the world...

It's my own design
It's my own remorse
Help me to decide
Help me make the most
Of freedom and of pleasure
Nothing ever lasts forever
Everybody wants to rule the world...

There's a room where the light won't find you
Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down
When they do I'll be right behind you

So glad we've almost made it
So sad they had to fade it
Everybody wants to rule the world...

I can't stand this indecision
Married with a lack of vision
Everybody wants to rule the world
Say that you'll never never never need it
One headline, why believe it?
Everybody wants to rule the world...

All for freedom and for pleasure
Nothing ever lasts forever
Everybody wants to rule the world...

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