Signs in the Heavens

Genesis 1:14;... And God said, "Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years...

In the last few years, technology has allowed scientists to view what they never could before. Read on:

Most of the information below derived from Jim Collins( and others:

During the Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hoshana in Israel (Tishrei 1), there was a unique
astronomical event that very possibly equates to Rev 12:1-5
The new moon will be "born" in the constellation of Bethulah (or Virgo, the Virgin), will then move directly
to the feet of the Virgin within 24 hours.
The Sun is just below the horizon, so that the Virgin is "clothed" with the Sun. Positioned over the Virgin's head, is the constellation known as "Bernices Hair"-this is the crown of twelve stars! And higher, above her legs, we find Draco, the Dragon, poised to "devour her child when it is born".
Rev. 12:1,And there appeared a great wonder in Heaven; a Woman clothed with the Sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars." This occurred on September 12, 1999, Rosh Hoshana, and will never occur again.

I find it equally interesting, that one of the most powerful explosions in the Universe--a gamma ray burst occurred on Jan. 23, 1999...a joint team led by Dr. D. Kelson of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, using the Keck II 10-meter telescope located at Mauna Kea, HI, found that the distance to the burst is about 9 billion light years, more than half way to the edge of the observable Universe.
This explosion, was not viewable, because it was behind the Sun, but was measured by it's afterglow, which was viewable to us.
It was possibly a supernova, and indicates that something extraordinary is happening behind the sun.
March 26, 1999, The Times (London) - Astronomers are struggling to explain
an object of extraorddinary brightness...A section of the Hubble Space Telescope image, showing afterglow and its host
galaxy, taken about 16 days after the burst.
The flash of energy brighter than the rest of the Universe put together, has baffled astronomers...Measuring it's energy, it was a million billion billion times as great as that released by the Hiroshima bomb...
June 1, 1999 - Solar Explosion:
A tremendous explosion took place on the surface of the Sun...
The blast threw a jet of superheated plasma carrying megnetic energy into space at speeds of 600 miles per second.
The explosive event was "a real planet-buster", according to Dr. R. Fisher of Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Center. If the magnetic energy within the cloud of superhot gas had interacted with the Earth's magnetic field, it would have sparked spectacular aurora at polar
Fortunately, it was established that the solar flares were headed directly away from the Earth, this time.
These occurrences have been noted all within the last few months. Now we face an alignment of the planets in which the Earth and moon will literally stand alone, to face what is coming at us. This alignment will occur on August 11,1999, at the time of the eclipse. We will then be in a better position to see what, if anything, is coming toward us.
Messianic Jew:Greg Killian

A few years ago, I was examining the stars in the heaven with an astronomy
software program which allows me to simulate what the stars will look like
at any day, at any time, and at any place. I set the date for the Feast
of Trumpets, September 12, 1999. I set the place to be Jerusalem, and I
set the time to be just after sunset...

When I saw the [simulation of the Jerusalem sky], I immediately thought of
the Revelation 12 sign...God's view is *always* from Jerusalem. ...It
does seem to suggest that it might be the sign spoken of in Revelation

Remember that God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens
to separate the day from the night, and let them be for SIGNS, and for
seasons, and for days and years."

[This exact astronomic configuration] has never occurred before, and will
never occur again
due to the procession of the
equinoxes, or seasons.

William Brehm:

In studying the Book of Revelation, I long since noticed something that I
have never to my recollection seen any other interpreter of Prophecy

It is what I call "The Three Great Woes". This term is based on exactly
three little, and it appears, almost totally overlooked, verses in the
Book of Revelation: 8:13, 9:12, and 11:14.

The wording of these verses, especially the latter two, makes it very
clear and easy to see that the "three woes", taken in context, define the
sequence of events on earth during the Tribulation.

The Greek word translated "woe" always refers to divine judgment when used
in the New Testament. The "woes", therefore, represent three consecutive
outpourings of God's wrath. Each is different in form, intensity and
duration from the other two.

"...and, behold, the third woe cometh quickly".

[By interpreting the premises described, it seems that] the United States
of America will be destroyed right at the start of the Tribulation, by an
asteroid or comet collision...

*Possible* scenario based on a Nostradamus prophecy, by Kris Gibb,
Nostradamus I p189 (cIII-34):

"When the eclipse of the sun shall be,
At noon day, the monster shall be seen,
It shall be interpreted other ways.
Then for a dearth, because nobody hath provided for it."

...the result of what was often referred in the press of Nostradamus' time
(1500-66) as monster seen in sky, a comet.

That it is seen during a noon eclipse suggests the comet is very close
to the sun coming towards us obviously... .

At some time in the future, the "7th rock", a 1/4 mile
diameter meteor will strike in the north Atlantic on the African/European
plates fault line. It will be equivalent to 130,000 Hiroshima bombs. In 1
second it will go through atmosphere and ocean, penetrating the crust and
causing volcanic activity.

The blast will send salt water, rocks, dust, well into the outer reaches
of our stratosphere. Satellites will be knocked out near the blast while
others will be hit later by debris. The first shockwave will travel at
1,000 mph, like a ripple on water at the surface, raise and lower
everything on land 5-10 feet. These will circle the earth a number of

300-1,000 foot psumanies or giant waves will be generated at 500 mph. In
deep ocean only 10 feet maybe. But shorelines and funneling harbors will
see giants at atleat 70 mph. Reaching perhaps 5 miles inland.

The sun will become dark, moon red on other horizon, from ash in upper
atmosphere. 1/3 less day and night because ash so thick a filter near

[This meteor] will apparently not be seen until the solar eclipse of
August 11, 1999 over France. It comes from almost behind the sun.

[This according to] Stephen Paulus' book "Nostradamus 1999"... He thinks
Thursday, Sept 23 because of that full moon allowing seeing both sun and
moon at once, for sackcloth sun and red moon.,

The comet will be clothed in the sun, with the moon at her feet, and stars
in her hand (tail). I think there may still be enough ash in air for
months to cause dark sun and red moon.

It's been reported that certain atmosperic conditions could cause an
eclipsed moon to appear "blood-red". There is also the possibility that
if a comet or an asteroid (meteor) were to strike the moon hard enough, it
could create eruptions which would cause this coloration.
Nostradamus quatrain
"A great sphere-shaped mountain about a mile in diameter,
when peace gives way to war, famine and flooding,
Will roll end over end, then sink great nations, many
of them of great antiquity."
We should note here that although Nostradamus was Catholic, Pope John Paul
II may be preparing to down-play so-called "millenarian prophets of our
day, in a world that has freed itself of faith to embrace 'superstition'."

Then again, are such prophecies mere "superstition"?

VATICAN, 7/8/99, ( -- According to an Italian newspaper
story, Pope John Paul II will use his summer vacation to work on a new
document-- perhaps an encyclical-- about the third Christian millennium.

The newspaper reports that the new papal document-- which could take the
form of an encyclical-- would be published in 2000. It says that the Pope
strongly rejects "any form of millennarianism," and insists that the world
is not coming to an end, but a new world is being born...

The text would analyze the 2000 years of Christianity, and would
focus on an analysis of the 20th century; it would inject the new
millennium with a vision of hope based on the renewal of faith.

"La Stampa" emphasized that the document would reject all millenarian
ideas and stress, on the contrary, that the world is not coming to an
end, but will soon experience great changes....

Now, this "New world being born" certainly appears to correlate to "a
certain period of peace which will be granted to the world", which Our
Lady absolutely promised at Fatima.

And this is precisely the approaching era we have speculated about.

Furthermore, it verifies the long-held hypothesis that IT IS NOT THE END
OF THE WORLD we anticipate, but rather, THE END OF "TIME" - OUR TIMES -
THE END OF AN ERA, alluding that the world certainly *will* "soon
experience great changes".

Will a Chastisement be a part of these "great changes"?

Could a chastisement come in the form of a comet strike?

Certainly anything taking place within the next 9 months would not be
"THE" Chastisement, for we know that the Warning and Miracle (4/13/2000?)
of Garabandal must come first.

Such an event could be part of the tribulations presently transpiring -
possibly even the 1st Secret of Medjugorje.

From an alledged visionary:
And just what might be expected if repentance is not realized? Below is a
received " divinely inspired sense of what is coming in that period of
future history which I call 'pre pre-tribulation'"...

America is destroyed as follows: a comet or meteor strikes the Atlantic
Ocean off Florida. Six tidal waves 300 feet high traveling at 500 mph
wipe out the Southeast westward to Atlanta and northward to ?. This
"burning mountain" triggers the big one in California and CA, OR, WA, NV
and parts of Utah drop below sea level.

Also, the heat of the object raises so much steam that it rains to flood
the Mississippi and all its tributaries, thereby cutting the country into
2 parts. The mouth of the Mississippi is 363 miles wide.

Associated Comet?:
...Comet C/1999 H1 (Lee)...

1. This comet will pass relatively close to the Earth during the time
period of mid September through early November, according to its current
ephemeris. What factors or perturbations are there that could bring this
comet much closer to Earth than now indicated?

2. When C/1999 H1 (Lee) enters its perihelion phase around the Sun on
July 11, 1999, could a Coronal Mass Ejection [CME] or Solar Flare alter
its course?

3. I have heard that C/1999 H1 (Lee) will pass through a newly discovered
polar asteroid belt.
I have been studying Nostradamus and many other prophecies, including
Native American ones for years now... A very important comet is a
consistent item throughout the various cultures...

...this object is supposed to arrive about this time and coincide with a
great period of troubles for mankind, including what sounds like an
asteroid or cometary fragment impact.

Nostradamus seemed especially bothered by the solar eclipse coming this
Summer (especially notable in Europe) and it sounds like he believed
that something (the comet?) would be revealed during this eclipse and
that people would interpret it in many different ways.

Evidently the comet was not thought by him to impact the Earth but rather
bring something else into an impact scenario along with the comet's bright
transit by Earth.

He describes this in a very similar manner to the Bible's book of
Revelation and the discussion of "something like a mountain on fire" being
cast into the sea and killing 1/3 of everything...

This could very well affect our magnetic field and Earth based weather.
The big key here is the upcoming planetary alignments and that it will
be the electrical plasma alignments, not gravity, that will be the
potential harm givers.

This comet is the "worst" kind in terms of its ability to disrupt, and
interact with, the solar capacitor.

That is, its "orbit" is so flat that it's more like a once in the
lifetime of the object pass rather than "long period" etc. Consequently,
having never interacted with the Sun before, Comet Lee brings with it a
high potential for discharging the Solar Capacitor... may in fact already be responsible for the very weird actions we
have been seeing from the sun over the last several months; ie the the Sun in the opposite direction of Earth producing large CME's

Many visionaries tell of the possibility of such a collision. Some
messages of Jesus from John Leary concerning comets:
"...saw a comet headed for the earth. Various rockets were sent up to
destroy it, but the angels deflected them. God's justice was about to
purify the earth."
"A comet will strike the Atlantic Ocean and it will send out huge tidal
waves. The burning trail will send up huge clouds of smoke which will
cloud the sun for three days."

Sounds a lot like the Three Days of Darkness. Perhaps this refers to an
as yet undetected comet.
The comet that made a close approach on 5-16-96 turned out to be the
brightest comet of the last 450 years, went undiscovered until several
months before it was widely observed. And on 7-16-94 (feast of Our Lady
of Mt. Carmel!) the spectacular collision with Jupiter occured, which
likewise had not been forecast very long ahead of time (but this event & date *was* later uncovered in the Bible Code!).
There are many uncharted celestial objects in space that could pose a
threat to earth.
On Sunday May 16th, 1996, the Feast of Divine Mercy, there was a
relatively (280,000 miles) near-miss of earth by a large asteroid. One
astronomer estimates that a collision with the earth would have been more
powerful than all the U.S. and Soviet nuclear arms put together.

Quatrain of Nostradamus

"The one long waited for will never arrive in Europe,
but rather in Asia;
One from the league of Hermes, He will control the king of
kings of the orient."

...Zeus made Hermes messenger of the gods, and he was the god of
eloquence. The Antichrist will also be one of great eloquence, and the
messenger of Lucifer. In addition, the name of Hermes was given to an
extraordinary meteor that made a near approach to earth Oct. 28, 1937. To
put this in perspective, in the entire history of celestial observation,
only 6 objects have come so near to earth without colliding, and the
meteor that passed on May 19, 1996 was also one of those six...
Was this an isolated, random event? Not very likely. A recent message
mentioned such events, specifically pointing out the comet impact with
Jupiter in July of 1994, as being warnings to mankind - coincident with
the fact that at this point in history our detection capabilities have
advanced to the point that we can observe such anomalies.
On May 4, 1998, a "behemoth" size comet (COMET C/1998 J1) was spotted near
the Sun and is heading in the general direction of Earth.
There is a correlation between what could happen from a possible large
meteor (asteroid) strike and an excerpt from a messsage given by "The
Virgin of the Rosary" in Puerto Rico (1953) that David Hampel told us
"...I warn you that one day the vault of heaven will be totally orange and
dark, and there will be an intense cold and a great tribulation and
desperation will fall over mankind. It will be as if hell had settled upon
That sounds like the Chastisement, which will likely involve "fire and
brimstone" from heaven - again God acting *through* nature, possibly
through a meteor storm.
What connection might there be between the asteroid near-miss of 1996 and
the fact that it came on the Feast of Divine Mercy? Consider these words
of Our Lord to Sr. Faustina (who received the "Divine Mercy" revelations):

"Before the day of Justice, I am sending the day of Mercy."
Obviously, this is a direct allusion to the Warning. And the Warning WILL
be followed by the Miracle.
The Chastisement is of course dependent on mankind's reaction to the
Warning and Miracle (although many believe such a punishment is
Even though we are warned of a chastisement at Akita, an approved
apparition, there remains the possibility that we can avert it (which IS
NOT to say we shouldn't assume it is coming), we must remember the power
of prayer in averting or correcting undesireable situations.

And rather than "worry", we need only remember Who is in "control". Verse
from a liturgical song:

...History marches on. There is a bottom line drawn across the ages...
This is no time for fear. This is a time for faith and determination...
[God] has never let you down. Why start to worry now? He is still the
Lord of all we see... He is still the loving Father...watching over
everything... Don't lose the vision... There is one thing that has always
been true:

God is in control. We believe that His children will not be forsaken...
There is no power above Him...God is in control.

Now is the time to repent...the day of the Lord is at hand.

Warnings of the Blessed Mother

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