My Soul Magnifies the Lord

Our Blessed Mother Speaks to Us...

Are the "end times" truly upon us? Many prophecies and apparitions, in
addition to "signs of the times" indicate that they are.


During the Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hoshana in Israel (Tishrei 1), there was a unique
astronomical event that very possibly equates to Rev 12:1-5
The new moon will be "born" in the constellation of Bethulah
(or Virgo, the Virgin), will then move directly
to the feet of the Virgin within 24 hours.
The Sun is just below the horizon, so that the Virgin is "clothed" with the Sun.
Positioned over the Virgin's head, is the constellation known as "Bernices Hair"
-this is the crown of twelve stars! And higher, above her legs, we find Draco, the Dragon,
poised to "devour her child when it is born".
Rev. 12:1,And there appeared a great wonder in Heaven;
a Woman clothed with the Sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head
a crown of twelve stars." This occurred on September 12, 1999, Rosh Hoshana,
and will never occur again.

Where then are we according to revelations now?

Our Pope, John Paul II, talks of the End Times... Pope John Paul II wishes
to be the Pope to bring in the New Spring on earth, when Jesus will come
again...Many do not WANT to know of coming events, and say the time is
NOT now..."

In Dozule', France (10 miles from Lisieux), 49 messages from Christ and
St. Michael were received between 1972 and 1978. Jesus gave a prayer to
be recited, which contained the lines:

"Mercy, my God,
so that Your Kingdom may come,
but save souls;
there is still time
for the time is drawing near.
See, I am coming.
Come Lord Jesus."

There have been many other predictions indicating that we are now living
in "the end times" - the time between the 1st and 2nd Coming.

By "end times" I'm not referring to "the end of the world" (of
which "no man knows the date or time") but to "the end of times" (the
current era), or the end of an Age.

I believe Conchita of Garabandal first used the term "the end of times",
but never said exactly what it meant. When this statement was presented
to Sister Lucia of Fatima, she also declined to speculate on it's meaning.
We are led to conclude, however, that the "end of times" will coincide
with the triumph/reign of the Immaculate Heart.

Conchita of Garabandal revealed that she was told (by Our Lady) that after
the death of John XXIII that there would be only 3 more Popes to the "end
of times", meaning that Pope John Paul II is the last in the era referred to.

She never defined what these times that are ending are, but we may safely
conclude that they refer to the satanic, worldly, materialistic times.
Specifically this century during which the devil has been unleashed, and
generally - the time between the First Coming and the Second Coming of Jesus.

Most likely, this means that Christ's Peace will be ushered into the
world, and this era of peace will be granted to us (indications are that
this will take place by the year 2001), as promised by Mary, before "the
end of the world", per se, arrives (perhaps 40 "years" later as noted by
some mystics, perhaps in the "year" 2331 as calculated by Pietro Sgarbi,
perhaps after a "thousand years" of peace or an unspecified "millenium".
All references to "time intervals" have included "quotes" because it is
presumed that the passage of "time" will not be distinguishable after "the
end of time", as it is now).

Surely the era of peace she spoke of at Fatima is the same Millennium
spoken of in chapter 20 of Revelation. Then there will be universal peace
and total Christian unity.

Mary will be terrible to the devil and his followers, like an army set in
battle array."

And what proof is there that we are now living in "these last times" of
which St. Louis spoke? PLENTY!

Mary through Fr. Gobbi, Lourdes (France), September 18, 1988:

"... You have entered into my times. On this day, I am asking you to
consecrate to me all the time that still separates you from the end of
this century of yours."

Jesus to Nancy Fowler of Conyers, November 25, 1992:

"...I told you, 'you are living Revelation'. Believe the words I speak to you."

The Virgin Mary to Josyp Terelya in 1992:

"People are not aware that the prophesied times are upon them."

There has been very specific encryption found in the first 5 books of the
Old Testament - the words delivered directly to Moses by God - the Jewish
Torah. It is called "the Bible Code" and it's messages have barely begun
to be explored.

Among other facts, one detail that *has* been revealed by the Bible Code
is that the Apocalypse began in the Hebrew year 5756 which began in
September of 1995.

It was impossible to begin to unlock this Code before the advent of the
computer. Is this what was meant by "...sealed until the end of time" in
the Book of Daniel? Have we reached the time where we were able to "break
the seal"? "All erring souls will return to the path of truth and justice after the
darkness of their minds has been dispelled, and there will be one flock
and one shepherd." [An allusion to a reunification of churches- into
Catholicism -which many now believe may be the "ecclesiastical event"
which will coincide with the Miracle of Garabnandal.

Certainly, any of the above-mentioned events (reunification, evildoers
returning to God) would be impossible were it not for some sort of direct
intervention by Mary and God (Our Lady: "Only through punishment will God
be able to bring mankind back to sound reason..." Scripture tells us that
God "chastises" those He loves. His Love and Mercy permit the chastisement
of His people in order to correct and purify them, not to hurt them.)

So what will the "new era" bring? No one knows for sure, but Mary's words
at Fatima spoke of a "period of peace", insinuating a beginning and an
end. That is to say that after the Era of Peace, the world may once again
enter into hard times, leading possibly to the final Apocalypse.

From the accounts of many visionaries, prophets, and mystics, we are left
with the impression that, very soon the reign of the Two Hearts
will be in place, a Golden Age of the Church will ensue (which accounts
for the fact that the Virgin continually asks that basilicas, churches and
chapels be built), and there will be great happiness and cooperation in
the world - a time when human decency and respect will transcend all of
our shortcomings.

Physically speaking, the earth will be miraculously renewed and mankind
will be blessed by God in every way (according to many messages). This
necessarily seems to indicate that we will have undergone a chastisement
by God after which we will "awaken to a new dawn".

Before such a chastisement, we will first be purified by the Warning
followed by the Miracle at Garabandal, and permanent signs as a constant
reminder of God's reality left at Medjugorje (the third of 10 secrets
involves a supernatural sign, according to Mirjana, to be left during her
lifetime), Garabandal, and other places.

The Warning will probably be the event that will signal the beginning of
great prodigies to come - the beginning of the end of this era of time.
We will very likely also soon experience the Warning. It is IMMINENT.

This event may well mark the "beginning of the end" because other messages
from Our Lady indicate that the Antichrist will not hesitate in assuming
power after the Warning. That remark in itself would *seem* to indicate
that the final Apocalypse is also forthcoming. This may be true recalling
previous discussions that "time" will end. Thus the Second Coming/Last
Judgement may indeed follow "soon".

John Paul II is supposedly to be the last Pope before the end of time
(although St. Malachy has predicted that 2 will follow him - these 2 may
be during the reign of the Antichrist, and 1 of them might even *be* the
Antichrist or a cohort of his).

Through our Blessed Mother's appearance at Garabandal, she has promised
perhaps the greatest grace of all - a worldwide warning on a personal
scale to all mankind and a Miracle to follow. These will be the final
FINAL persuasive means of reaching those in the world who have not been
moved in some way by the current plethora of apparitions and offering them
a chance for conversion/repentance.

Note: including numerous recent predictions (since 1961) about the
Warning, such an event has been described by such revered figures as
Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, Teresa Neumann the stigmatist, and Blessed
Faustina Kowalska.

Perhaps some of the 10 "secrets" revealed to the visionaries at Medjugorje
deal with the very events described above: Indeed, Mirjana of Medjugorje
has said that the first 3 secrets involve warnings of some type. She says
the 1st will last "a short time...[it will] shake us up so that the world
will start thinking...[it will] prove there is a God" and that there will
be no pre-sign of it's arrival.

After that, a period of grace will exist during which there will be more
time to convert before the 2nd warning comes. This 1st and 2nd warnings
seem to correspond to some sort of large-scale catastrophe, and to the
Garabandal Warning. The 3rd warning, involving the permanent sign, may be
a part of the Miracle itself.

Meanwhile, our Heavenly Mother continually asks for prayer. No amount of
prayer by the relatively few faithful can seemingly make up for all the
Godlessness in the world, but the chastisement can certainly be mitigated.
It's *duration* has already been shortened to the point that the
tumultuous events (some of which have already transpired) foretold by Our
Lady will be mercifully concluded within a few years. This shortening is
a direct result of increased prayer prompted by Mary's apparitions, lest
we would already be experiencing a period of severe tribulation and

Note - although the times of tribulation (as foretold in Scripture - Mark
13:10; Luke 21:10-17; Matthew 24:5-15) may *coincide* with the
"Chastisement" (a direct demonstration of God's justice to be sent upon
the earth towards the conclusion of the tribulation), they are actually 2
separate prophesied events. Some believe that the culmination of the
Chastisement will include the 3 Days of Darkness, subsequently closing-out
the present era and beginning the Era of Peace. Perhaps we even see this
in Scripture - see Matthew 24:29-31.

Excerpts of messages from Our Lady since 1980:

"The world is threatened by grave dangers."

"Great catastrophes are coming upon humanity - great times of tribulation."

"The time you have left is short: there will be earthquakes, disasters, and famines."

"I am warning you that difficult times of trial are coming on this godless world."

"You are facing grave changes in the world.
You are facing grave changes in your country [America]."

667507@ican.net, Brian Roberts, 13 Oct 99:

TODAY, on this important anniversary of the apparitions of Mary at Fatima
Portugal, something major has happened and I felt compelled to write about it.

I think that today's events, are almost as important as the assassination
attempt against Pope John Paul II on May 13th--on the anniversary of the
first day the Virgin Mary appeared to the three children at Fatima--which
happened early on in JPII pontificate.

When the Pope was shot, and his life saved by Mary on the Fatima
anniversary .....it was an event that I believe connected the Pope to
Fatima, and had an underlying connection to the prophecies of Fatima about
the suffering/persecution of the Church and of the Pope: "The Holy Father
will have much to suffer" and "the good will be Martyred."

But afterwards, "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph."

Only THIS time around, on this day, the event happened on Fatima's "OTHER"
great anniversary...the anniversary of the great miracle at Fatima. The
day in which the woman finally revealed her identity: "I am the Lady
of the Rosary."

And an extra note:

On that day, just before She performed the great miracle, the Lady gave
a final message, as Lucia tells it in the fourth Memoir.

"Her face
became grave as she continued: Let them offend Our Lord no more, for He
is already much offended.
And opening her hands she made the light
emerging from them ascend to where the sun ought to be. And while she was
arising, her own radiance continued shining towards the sun."

On that very last Fatima anniversary before the year 2000, on that special
day of October 13th, something happened, which I believe to be an omen
- it's very symbolic and now shall be forever connected to the day of the
Fatima anniversary, and more importantly it is directly related to the
Fatima prophecy that foretells: ".....and various nations will be annihilated."

How does a nation get annihilated?

Countries are "annihilated" by "weapons of mass destruction", especially
nuclear weapons, and large comets.

On this day of October 13th, the sole economic/military/social super power
of this earth, the nation that is the leader of the free world, for the
first time ever, has damned and buried a hugely important "INTERNATIONAL"
arms-treaty, this one about nuclear weapons.

Most countries of the world signed on to a pact, in order to put an
end to the development and proliferation of nuclear weapons. But on
this day, the Senate has stabbed with knife, the nuclear test ban treaty.
It was required of the United States to ratify the treaty, in order
for it to legally take effect.

Bill Clinton's dire warning about the rejection of this treaty was right
on, and perfectly underscores the immense significances of the treaty
being killed-off on Fatima's anniversary day and in connection with the
Fatima prophecy that entire nations will be "annihilated".

President Clinton then urged the Senate to delay voting on a global
treaty to ban nuclear testing, warning that its virtually certain defeat
would give a "green light to every other country in the world" to test,
develop and modernize nuclear weapons...."

Treaty backers...said rejection of the pact would pose far greater dangers
to this country as well as the rest of the world. "If we do not ratify
this treaty....We will instead be encouraging a new and possibly worldwide
nuclear arms race." (said Sen. Carl M. Levin (Mich.) ranking Democrat on
the Armed Services Committee.)..."

Despite plea's from America's allies, despite pleas from America's top
leaders, despite the polls showing that a high majority of American people
are in favour of banning nuclear weapons tests, despite 40 years of
international efforts to fight against the proliferation of nukes, AND
despite the fact that the leaders of the world (over 150 of them) want to
ban these catastrophic weapons....THE SENATE dismantled the entire
treaty on October 13th. A very special day.

... the Senate sent out a bad signal to Russia and the world...

"...With this fateful vote, the world became a more dangerous
place," said Senator Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat. It was the first
time the Senate voted down a major arms control accord since the
Treaty of Versailles after World War I and means the test-ban pact is
now effectively doomed...

"If our Senate rejected this treaty outright, it would be the first
time the Senate has rejected a treaty since the Treaty of Versailles
which established the League of Nations after World War I. We all know
what America's walking away from the world after World War I brought us
in the Depression and the Second World War," Clinton said..."

"....The setback over the treaty, which could unravel decades of U.S.
efforts to contain the growth and spread of nuclear weapons...

...The only difference in the latest instance is that the stakes in the
fight over banning all nuclear tests are MUCH GREATER since they go to
the heart of more than a half-century of international efforts to create

LONDON, 10/14/99, (Reuters) - From nuclear power Russia to nuclear-free
New Zealand, nations expressed dismay at the U.S. Senate's rejection of a
nuclear test ban treaty, with experts warning it would let potential
"rogue states" off the hook.

Prime Minister Tony Blair, President Jacques Chirac and Chancellor
Gerhard Schroeder said that rejecting the treaty would "expose a
fundamental divergence within NATO" and encourage the spread of nuclear

....Britain, France and Germany ratified the treaty a few years ago.
What does Russia have in mind?

The treaty would not go into effect until it is signed and ratified by
all 44 nuclear-capable nations.

It is not coincidence that this treaty crisis happened(October13)
And to make things more unusual and surprising, is the fact that
this nuclear topic came up suddenly and unexpectedly in the Senate without
warning, and without any indication. Up to ten days before this issue was
not anywhere to be found.

And just like that, on the special day of October 13th, it's killed off.
It's almost errie, like a supernatural hand was involved in controlling
the time-line.

"More than three years ago President Clinton signed and sent to the Senate
for ratification the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. The majority party
held no hearings and SHOWED NO INTEREST in considering the treaty until
last year. SUDDENLY, Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.)
responded to pressure and announced that he would bring it to a vote on
Oct. 12...(which was at the last moment postphoned to October 13th.

And it is at that point we will see the domino effect begin, initiated on
October 13th by the Senate. Russia, will be virtually certain to stab the
treaty with another dagger. And China, is taking the high
ground, but as soon as Russia defeats the treaty, China will in reaction
be forced to take care of it's own national interests and reject it.

At that point, no one will be able to glue the shredded treaty back
together again... Then we enter into a new age of nuclear weapons

"... the 'doomsday clock' of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - which
charts how close the world may be to nuclear catastrophe - STANDS AT NINE

I doubt if anyone can view our society, in general, and say that we are
not in a state of great moral decay. We have received numerous warnings,
especially since 1830 (at Rue du Bac - the start of modern-day apparitions
during which time Mary specifically tells of "Great Trials" for all
"humanity"), that the world must amend its ways.

We are God's creatures, but have drifted away from our creator. If we
don't make the necessary changes (even in spite of the Warning - God's
final "remedy" to alert people to their sinfulness), He will send a
chastisement, not so much as punishment, but to encourage, in no uncertain
terms, His children to return to Him. God permits tribulation and
chastisemment to perfect and save souls.

But He doesn't want to have to resort to such forceful measures. He has
sent Mary to guide us. She is our refuge. Many have adhered to her
urgings, but the world at large has remained indifferent. The Virgin Mary
is making her final appeals at Medjugorje, et al. They are made in the
most loving way, because love is the essence of human life. As quoted
from the Imaculata:

"Love is the charity of the Holy Spirit - the very breath of the soul.
The body is subject to the soul and the soul must be subject to God who
made it. The infernal goal of the enemy of souls is to destroy all moral
order and to foment hate in order to destroy all that is of God, who is
Love Itself.

The malignant cancer of materialistic humanism has infected the entire
world. The devil has come to wage war against the Woman and her offspring
who keep the commandments of God and give witness to Jesus
Christ. It is not possible to be constantly exposed to this deadly virus
of hate and not become infected with it, unless we give ourselves
absolutely and unconditionally to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ.

Listen to the requests of your Mother and beg her for the grace to obey
them perfectly. The very least that is commanded of all Christians is a
radical amendment of life."

These are Satan's final years. He knows that Christ and Mary will soon
triumph, and he is desperately trying to "drag down" as many
souls with him as he can.

Mary through Pat Mundorf, 5-8-98:

"...Why do you think Jesus and I come to so MANY now, at THIS time of your
world? God is allowing Us to save as many of His children as We possibly
can, for His Son's time to reign is coming SOON! We want to save as many
souls as We can from the evil that will befall those who do not believe in

There are a number of other interesting factors which also point to
these years we are living in as being important ones in God's end-time
calendar. (For instance, the 3000th anniversary of the founding of
Jerusalem as David's capital for Israel has been celebrated in 1996.)

The idea that God has a specific timetable (possibly highlighted at
1000-year intervals) that He is working through, with certain "signs"
indicating important seasons of spiritual activity, should not be foreign
to those who study the Bible. Many prophecies (notably those of Daniel
and Revelation) have times, years and dates specified in great detail, and
it is obvious that God is ordering events and spiritual seasons on the
earth to coincide precisely with His long-term plan.

Unprecedented celestial signs (see "Signs in the Heavens", et al) with
patterns of spiritual activity involving YEARS AND DATES. It definitely
seems evident that we have reached a critical juncture in God's grand
design. It is hard to deny that we have entered the "end times" period
which quite possibly might lead-to, if not overlap, the "Last Days".

Recently, through Father Gobbi, Mary said:

"Humanity will reach the summit of corruption and impiety, of rebellion
against God and of open opposition to his law of love. It will know the
hour of its greatest chastisement, which has already been foretold to
you by the prophet Zechariah." (Zec 13,7-9)

The Apostasy, a general falling away from the faith, has been referred
to in the Old Testament (Isaiah 24:5-6), and, more strongly and
directly, in the New Testament (Matthew 24:4-5, 2 Thessalonians 2:3, 2
Peter 2:1-3).

Many believe the Apostasy is now beginning. Mary has constantly indicated
that this period would begin as a result of a tremendous amount of sin in
the world (as is currently apparent), leading to errors spreading through
almost every aspect of the Catholic Church.

Small "errors" can lead to larger ones. Reception of Communion in the
hand may be an example. This is clearly a case of "giving someone an
inch [centimeter], and their taking a mile [kilometer]".

Mother Theresa once said that nothing makes her more sad than to see
this practice. Decreased reverence for the Eucharist has ensued to the
point that many no longer believe in the True Divine Presence, a denial
that is certainly a sign of apostasy in the Church.

As I understand it, Pope John Paul II gave permission at one time for
people to be allowed to receive Communion in the hand under extenuating
circumstances. When this practice became widespread, however, the Pope
was questioned about it. His answer was, "I tell you, I am against it".


How can we tell how far away we are (from the true teachings of the
Church)? Really we need look only to the practice of the Faith in a
certain country, namely Portugal. At Fatima, Our Lady said: "In
Portugal, the dogmas of the faith will always be preserved..."

Since her appariton at Rue du Bac (Paris) in 1831, Mary has warned of the
approaching Apostasy. She spoke at great length about evil entering the
world at La Salette in 1846. On May 13, 1990, she delivered
this message through Father Gobbi:

"At Fatima, I foretold to you that a time would come when the true faith
would be lost. These are the times. Your days are marked by this painful
and significant situation which was foretold to you in Holy Scripture: the
true faith is in the process of disappearing in an ever increasing number
of my children."

"...the moment of the great struggle between me and my Adversary, and in
the painful hours of the great tribulation and chastisement... the last
period of time of this century of yours, when the events which I have
predicted to you will come to their complete fulfillment."

"In the Church, the great apostasy, which will spread throughout the whole
world, will be brought to its completion; the schism will take place
through a general alienation from the Gospel and from the true faith.
There will enter into the Church the man of iniquity, who opposes himself
to Christ, and who will bring into her interior the abomination of
desolation, thus bringing to fulfillment of the horrible sacrilege, of
which the prophet Daniel has spoken." (Mt 24,15)

The height of the Apostasy will see the fulfillment of two prophecies from
the book of Daniel: the rise of the Antichrist and the horrible sacrilege
that he will commit - suppression of the daily sacrifice of Holy Mass for
a period of time.

Since this "height" of the Apostasy has not yet been reached, and since we
*do* see indications, as noted above, that it has begun in some way, it is
logical to conclude
that a full Apostasy could soon be reached. This could happen quickly.

A possible scenario envisions the personage of the Antichrist as leading
this "movement" (movement away from the Faith). Another very real
possibility is that God's Mercy and Grace are being extended to us to
"overlay" a serious apostasy.

We hear these days about "Apostasy", "Schism", "Tribulations", and
"Chastisement". To clear any possible confusion, "schism" would indicate
a separation within the Church (a different set of beliefs). In that
sense, we can see it is closely tied to "apostasy".

Worldwide problems, on a whole, and persecution of the Faith specifically,
are known as "tribulations". The "chastisement" is a direct worldwide
punishment from God. It is believed that the present tribulations are
leading to a future (large-scale) chastisement.

Private revelations indicate that these times are here. Such warnings
shouldn't be ignored. In Naju, Korea, on February 3rd, 1994, Mary
outlined to Julia Kim what the "Signs" that we have entered these times

"Do not think that the many disasters occurring all over the world are
just accidents. Wake up quickly and prevent the cup of God's wrath from
overflowing. As I told you before, the natural order is now being
disturbed and abnormalities are occurring frequently: floods, fires,
famines, earthquakes, droughts, tidal waves, traffic accidents,
large-scale destructions, many kinds of environmental disasters, and
unusual weather.

Also, many people are dying because of wars, incurable illnesses and
contagious diseases. When new buds sprout, you know it is becoming
spring. Then why do you still not understand that these disasters are
signs of the beginning of the great chastisement?"

She has pointed out the "small" warnings. What is commonly referred as
the "Great Warning" is a moment of enlightenment due to be sent upon the
earth. The Warning will be a revelation of our sins. Everyone would be
well advised to anticipate this event and therefore be as prepared as

Pope John Paul II said:

"Don't be afraid, dear children. This is not an old world that is ending.
It is a new world that begins. A new dawn seems to be rising in the sky
of history, inviting Christians to be the light and soul to the world that
has enormous need for Christ, Redeemer of Man."

There is a compelling sense of urgency. There is currently a plethora of
reported apparitions of the Virgin Mary around the world. She is pleading
with, and calling her children back to God, as never before in history.

If we are to have faith in the Marian movement, we must also take heed to
the important message received through Fr. Stefano Gobbi (priest who
initiated the Marian Movement), in which Mary definitively names the time
for her victory over Satan:


Pope John Paul II believes that the next century will see a change in
men's hearts. Here it should again be noted that "this [20th] century"
does not end until December 31st, 2000. The 3rd millennium begins
January 1st, 2001,
and it would seem that Fr. Gobbi's locution, as printed above,
is to be taken as meaning that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart will
come before the end of the year 2000.

CHILDREN BACK TO GOD," Mary simply says.

Undoubtedly we are being summoned. Let's not fall prey to a situation
such as that described in Acts 20:7-9 where a certain youth named Eutychus
fell asleep and slipped to his death while listening to Paul preach.

"On and on" Paul spoke, just as Our Lady is appearing in so many parts of
the world, with so many signs and wonders.

But the duration and frequency have caused many to become sleepy with the
repetition. Not realizing the presence of God's grace, they finally fall
asleep and become dead to God's word.

We may not know the exact hour of His return, but we certainly must not
ignore the "signs of the times" telling us that His reign is near.

Bev Karstete, karstete@cvn.net:

When confronted with "...no one knows the day or the hour...", I respond
that it doesn't say we won't know the year, season, or month...

There can be no doubt that the Blessed Virgin Mary, now appearing
throughout the world, is "the Woman Clothed with the Sun", as told of in
Revelation 12:1. Nineteen years ago, Pope Paul VI, at the 50th
anniversary of Fatima, entitled his apostolic letter "SIGNUM MAGNUM" - THE

Below is an excerpt from a new book by John Haffert titled

The collegial consecration took place on March 25, 1984. And the
following May 13th, the day of the first apparition of Fatima, a massive
explosion in Russia destroyed two thirds of the weapons of the Soviet
northern fleet stockpiled at Sveremosk.

Two key Soviet leaders died shortly afterwards. There followed a dramatic
change in Soviet leadership with the rise of Gorbachev.

By December of 1984, U.S. intelligence was aware that a radical change had
taken place in Russia. An agent, who had been monitoring Russian
broadcasts for more than thirty years, said that he could not believe what
he was hearing as he listened to Soviet radio at that time-only eight
months after the collegial consecration.


Was this not as great a sign from God as the "great sign" of the apparent
fire over Europe in 1938?

In the fall of 1993, when the Pope visited the Baltic countries and spoke
for the first time in ex-Soviet territory, he said that in the collapse of
atheistic Marxism, one can see "the finger of God." He alluded to a
"mystery," and even "A MIRACLE," when speaking of the collapse, after
seventy years, of a power that seemed as if it would be around for

But most of the world has failed to recognize this great sign of God's
intervention. Most of the world ignores even what a great intervention it

Most political experts never thought the Soviet Union would end as it did.
It was logical to expect that the Soviet leaders, when the people of
Russia rejected failed Communist doctrine, would save themselves and
Russia by launching a nuclear attack on the West.

This is certainly what they planned when Kruschev pounded the table at the
U.N., and said, "We will bury you!"

But just after that event, on October 13, the anniversary of the miracle
of Fatima, a super bomb (which the Russians had just developed) exploded,
killing most of Russia's top nuclear experts.

And if that were not "sign" enough, as we said above, it was on May 13,
1984 that the devasting explosion took place at Sveremosk, only six weeks
after the collegial consecration.


Is it a surprise that "Jane's Weekly" said that a nuclear war would
probably have taken place in 1985? Or that Sister Lucia, who knew nothing
of that report, said in the October 1993 interview: "There would have
been a nuclear war in 1985."

And who prevented it? Who brought us to the moment of mercy, the moment
when the Holy Father and all the bishops of the world finally responded to
the request of Our Lord concerning His Heart and the Heart of His Mother?

Her presence as our Mother of Mercy is undeniable today:

"One of the Signs of our times is that the announcements of Marian
apparitions are multiplying all over the world."

(The above statement was made by Cardinal Ratzinger in 1985. Today, we
see indications that the apparitions are drawing to a close - a precursor
that events [Warning, Miracle, etc.] are to start ocurring, as Mary has

Here is another quote by Cardinal Kuharic of Croatia (1-15-92):

"Precisely in our century [Christ] has set a Great Sign in the Church; the
Sign of the Heart of a Mother...He is sending the Most Holy Virgin..."

Mary then, is the supernatural sign of our time to correspond to the
"natural" (both celestial and earthly) signs.

There is a universal belief that our society will one day (perhaps in a few
years or so) turn to a simpler way of life, living in union with
the earth and being more respectful of, and caring
for it. Certainly his does not mean "tearing down" existing technology,
at least not by man. Perhaps God will destroy that which is harmful to us
in the Chastisement, leaving us with the beneficial aspects of technology.

After the Chastisement, it is promised that the world will awaken to "a
new dawn" and of a coexistence with nature. Surely this lends to the
theory that we are headed toward a simpler way of life. All indications
are that this will occur during the beginning of the next century.

As Catholics, we should be prepared for it (as we should always be
prepared to face God at any given moment). Also as Catholics, we should
also be prepared to render assistance to those returning to the Church
after the Warning. We cannot say we love our neighbor, as Jesus says we
must, if we see him in danger of eternal damnation and do nothing.

And, as Our Lady did at Fatima, Our Lord is again emphasizing the reality
of Hell, in recent messages to Sister Guadalupe in Guatemala, and the
peril of losing our souls should we die in a state of mortal sin.
"Fortunate are they who listen to my Counsels", he says.

Indeed it is wise to make repentance now, while there is "still time".
"The Hour of Justice is near", He continues, "and those who are found
guilty will be punished."

Of course, for those that die in such a condition, there is no "second
chance". Here we begin to see the true Mercy of the Warning.
That is the reason for it, to give us time to prepare for the inevitable. Still, it
would be best to respond to God's call now, while we are still in a period
of Grace.

Prayer, has delayed and shortened the times we shall suffer these prophesied
events to the point that, for the sake of the faithful,
God has mercifully shortened their duration. "Events" such as the "hour
of the great trial [during which] sufferings never before experienced are
awaiting you".

William K Fyler, wkfyler@juno.com

September 30 or December 31 - last day of the 100 years of satan,
the 1884 Prophesy of Pope Leo Xlll that the last 100 years belong to

Message #553 from Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi, given in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
on Sept 29, 1995:

"How many times have I already intervened in order to set back
further and further in time, the beginning of the great trial, for the
purification of poor humanity, now possessed and dominated by the Spirits
of Evil."...

The [latter] message being that events HAVE been modified in some type of
time frame...

So the "duration* has been shortened, and certain events have been
seemingly been prevented (spread of communism throughout the world,
annihilation of entire nations), but as Christ pointed out a few times:
"Scripture must be fulfilled".

Some points to emphasize are that we should always use the intelligence of
our Faith to guide us in times of tribulation, and that, above all, it is
most important to seek refuge in the Divine Mercy of Jesus and in Mary's
Immaculate Heart (best accomplished by saying the Rosary, wearing the
Brown Scapular, and/or fulfilling the following)...

Our Lady (in quotes):

"Consecrate yourselves daily to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to the Holy
Spirit and to Myself (Immaculate Heart of Mary). Don't forget a prayer to
the Angels, the most blessed being the St. Michael Chaplet. That is the
only protection for you. Go equipped with these prayers to your job, on
the way to wherever you're going - regardless where."


Those who want to atone for their sins and thereby greatly shorten their
purgatory, must pray somewhat more. They should pray at least 2 rosaries
daily - and in between [say] small invocations, such as short and fervent
prayers, as atonement for the many insults that are made to God which
people themselves have already caused through their sins.

"PRAYER, PENANCE, FASTING and SACRIFICE is the road to salvation!"

"Did I not promise you, my sweet children, that even if only one member of
the family would say the Holy Rosary everyday, I would save that family?
I keep my promises to my children, if you have faith and believe in my
words, for those words not only come from my Immaculate Heart, my sweet
children, as Queen of Heaven and Earth, but they come from the TRIUNE

When you feel oppressed by the devil, pray short and fervent prayers,
and call upon the Holy Names and the Archangel Michael. Try to receive
confession as often as possible.

As William O'Mailley once said, it is just a matter of overcoming our
inherent pride. The more one seeks Repentance, the easier it gets; and
of course an increased frequency means you'll have less of a "build-up" of
sins. And naturally it is important to keep our souls as clean as
possible - if not in preparation for death than in preparation of the
Warning: GO NOW AND BEAT THE POST-WARNING RUSH! Of course my caveat du
jour is always - "Oh yeah, I was going to go to confession today anyway."

Receive Sacraments to gain GRACE and to gain INDULGENCES
for yourself
and your loved ones.

The point is that we must seek refuge in Mary to see us through the
difficult times that lie ahead.

103330.1014@compuserve.com, Bridget, M.I.:

...invoke the intercession of Mary and ask Her to lead you to Her Son's
Sacred Heart, She is "always" willing to give guided tours to that path!

September 12, 2001: "I was truly touched at the sight of our representatives in Washington, D.C., praying together on TV. It brought tears to my eyes to realize that they are finally waking up. Of course we all know that prayer has been banned in public places. When the going gets tough, the tough pray...

Praise the Lord!"


Mother, The King -- my Lord and thine
Has made my heart His resting place,
And well thou knowest that my breast
Is no fit home for such a Guest.
How may I stand before His Face,
Knowing my weakness and disgrace,
Unless I feel thy hand in mine.


With thy own mantle cover me
Lend me the jewels thou didst wear,
That clinging trust no storm could shake,
That love which made thy true heart break,
Thy deep and self-effacing prayer,
Thy willingness His grief to share.
So shall He find me like to thee.


Whether He comes with joy and peace
Or brings His own dear gift of pain,
Help me to give Him welcome meet
His coming with grave smile to greet.
If thou but aid me, not in vain
Will be my hope His heart to gain,
And with His love thine shall increase.


Keep in my heart all through the day,
The thought of Him like sweetest song,
And though that heart should hotly throb
Watch, that no hurt my peace may rob.
Win me the victory over wrong
Teach me to suffer and be strong,
From Him and thee let me not stray.


Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Prayer

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